Pastors’ Update 11-23-2018

Hi Everyone and Happy Sabbath!

Obviously, you are receiving this Weekly Update late! I  apologize! Many of you have told me you appreciate the updates on Friday mornings, often as a reminder of Sabbath service times, prayer requests, pot lucks and activities, allowing you to buy food or otherwise prepare for the upcoming Sabbath. Headquarters also attempts to send out updates, the In Accord presentation, and prayer requests to the ministry by Thursday evening. It seems a “bug” invaded my computer this week and it has taken until this evening to get it worked out and back on line.

Linda and I traveled South for Thanksgiving to share some time with our family. My mother was able to fly out from Missouri to join us for this Thanksgiving. It was wonderful to have four generations together for a couple of days! We hope and pray you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving with your family!

It is also wonderful to have the rain and clear air, for a change! We thank God for the blessing of this rain to not only clear our air, but, to help put out the fires burning in several western states!

This is the fourth Sabbath of the month. We will be having Sabbath services at 2:30 pm in Anderson, Citrus Heights and Lodi tomorrow! The Growing Kids God’s Way classes are also cancelled for tomorrow (Thanksgiving weekend), as many have said they will be away, visiting family, over the long weekend.Linda and I plan to be in Anderson for our webcast service tomorrow.