Pastors’ Update 10-04-2019

Hi Everyone and Happy Sabbath!

Many of us will be traveling to the Feast of Tabernacles in the next week! It seems hard to believe the feast is almost here! It is an exciting time of the year!

Linda and I wish you a most joyous and profitable feast this year! Please travel safely! This will be my last Pastors Weekly Update until October 25th.

The Day of Atonement will be held this coming Wednesday, October 9th. Holy Day services will be held in Anderson, Citrus Heights and Lodi at 2:30 pm at all of our regular meeting locations. We will have only one service on this Holy Day.

There will be no Sabbath services in any of the Northern California congregations on October 12, 2019.  Please visit to connect to services out of San Diego or any other webcasting location,

This is the first Sabbath of the month and services will be held in Lodi at 10:30 am, and in Anderson and Citrus Heights at 2:30 pm. Linda and I plan to be in Lodi and Citrus Heights this week.