Pastors’ Update 11-16-2018

Hi Everyone and Happy Sabbath!

We are are all painfully aware of the Camp Fire and it’s effect on so many. This morning the news reported the remains of 63 people have been found in homes and cars that burned in the Paradise area. Another 603 are listed as “ missing”, and over 10,000 structures have been burned. As of this morning it is still only 45% contained. Without a doubt, it is the most disastrous, deadly and costly fire in California’s history! 

The smoke from the Camp Fire continues to drift South and West, mainly over the very populated areas of Sacramento, the San Francisco Bay, and the Central Valley. Smoke and “fire debris particles” in the air are worse today than yesterday, and are predicted to get worse over the weekend. At this point air quality will not improve until early next week when an on-shore breeze will take over and rain may actually arrive on Wednesday or Thursday (Thanksgiving). Air quality is listed as “Very Unhealthy”, and most school districts are closed today, and many events are being cancelled over the weekend. Millions of people are being told by health officials to “Stay indoors, unless you absolutely have to go outside”.  

Because of the very poor air quality and the obvious danger for “respiratory problems”, especially for "older people and children", I have decided to CANCEL SABBATH SERVICES TOMORROW in  Citrus Heights and Lodi. I called each of our elders and deacons and we are all agreed that we should cancel services due to this clear health danger and public warning. We don’t want anyone feeling they need to go out in this "bad air" to attend church.  Also, please take extra care and caution if you need to be outside over the next couple of days.