Pastors’ Update 06-14-2024

Hi Everyone and Happy Sabbath,


Mr. Lindenberg, Linda and I returned from the Pastoral Development Program (PDP) classes at our Headquarters in McKinney, Texas, on Sunday night. It was a delightful few days of continuing education classes and meeting with HQ administrators and staff. There were 20 pastors and wives attending classes and sharing a lot of fellowship over breaks and evening meals. The classes were taught by members of the administration and FI faculty. It was very enjoyable to be together with peers to learn and discuss mutual challenges in the ministry of Jesus Christ. Three of these sessions are planned to include all US pastors and wives.


Of course, this is Pentecost Weekend. Pentecost services will be held on Sunday, June 16tt, at 10:30 am and 2:00 pm. The Redding congregation will meet at the church hall in Red Bluff; the Stockton congregation will meet at the Hutchens Street Square, 125 N. Hutchens Street, in Lodi; and the Reno congregation will meet at the home of Mark and Janelle Fike, 1135 Tapadero Trail, Reno, for 10:30 am services, lunch together at the Twisted Fork, 1191 Steamboat Parkway, and the St Catherine of Siena Episcopal Church for afternoon services.

Feast of Tabernacles registration for all sites in now underway. Please register through the COGWA portal, if you have not already done so. Registering early is very helpful in planning each of the Feast sites. Our assigned site is Redmond, OR. For those who wish to transfer to another site, transfer registration is now open. If you have any questions, you may contact our Festival Advisors – Bob Besore` (Stockton), John Cornelison (Redding), and Mark Fike (Reno). Members can register at the COGWA member portal (


Camp registration is also now open through the COGWA Portal. If you plan to volunteer to help at one of our camps, or you plan for your children to attend camp, please register at the link in the Camp announcement below. There seems to be some confusion about the Sequoia camps for this year. The preteen and the teen camp will run simultaneously, starting on the same date (July 14th). However, the camps will be operated separately. Everything for the two camps will be run separately, but the same facility will be used.


We will have Sabbath services tomorrow for the Stockton, Reno and Redding congregations at 2:30 pm. For those who cannot meet in person with us, the webcast will originate from our Stockton congregation this Sabbath (2:30 pm) and Pentecost (10:30 am and 2:00 pm).