Pastors’ Update 04-09-2021

Hi Everyone and Happy Sabbath!


Linda and I hope you had a productive week! We both had a very busy week, and are looking forward to the Sabbath rest!


This past week all of our pastors had a video conference with Mr. Jim Franks and Mr. Doug Horchak to discuss the reduction of Covid-19 related restrictions and how to plan and proceed in our congregations as restrictions are lifted. As all of you know restrictions are now being lifted in California and Nevada little by little. In California, the rate of positive testing for the virus has decreased dramatically to under 2% (1.9%). Nevada is reporting a positive test rate of 6.4%, with an infection rate of only 1.0%. Overall, these are positive trends for our states and our congregations! But, with new variants of the virus creating spikes in other states (particularly in the Upper Midwest) some states are being very cautious about lifting restrictions. And, some are reinstating restrictions previously removed.


We will continue to monitor these trends and watch for restrictions that may be lifted for our states. We certainly look forward to the day we can remove face coverings, and fellowship without social distancing restrictions! In the meantime, we will continue as we have been in our congregations in California and Nevada. Again, I ask you to continue to pray for these positive trends and restrictions to be lifted.


I will be traveling to our Headquarters in Texas on Monday for Festival Coordinator meetings. As you all know, some feast site plans are still up in the air depending on Covid-19 restrictions and contract negotiations. Please pray for these upcoming feast meetings and all of our feast sites for this coming Fall.


Sunday, April 11, beginning at 10 am (EDT) Festival Registration will begin for members attending their assigned feast site. Our assigned site is Tucson, AZ. If you plan to attend in Tucson this year, please register this coming Sunday. If you plan to transfer to another site in the USA, or a specialty site (Alaska, Greece, or Hawaii), registration will take place Sunday, April 25th. See the registration links in the announcement from Ministerial Services below.


We will be meeting in Anderson, Citrus Heights, and Reno this Sabbath, at 2:30 pm. The Stockton brethren are encouraged to attend with the Sacramento members in Citrus Heights for this Sabbath, April 10th. 


Good News! We have found a new location in Lodi to meet regularly for Sabbath services. We will begin meeting in Lodi on the Sabbath of April 17th! Thank you all for your prayers! The new location is the Grace Presbyterian Church (Social Hall) of Lodi, 10 N. Mills Avenue, Lodi, CA 95242.


We will continue to provide webcast services from Citrus Heights or Redding each Sabbath, for those who are unable to attend in-person in Anderson, Citrus Heights, or Reno. 


Once again, for those attending in Citrus Heights, the CHCC does require everyone in attendance to sign a Covid-19 release, wear a face covering, and social distance, while in the building. Once you have signed a release, we are able to provide the CHCC a log of those attending, and you will no longer have to sign a new release each week after you have signed an initial release. Please plan to enter through the East entrance, as the other entrances will remain locked to limit public access to the building. We have exclusive use of the building, for the time being.


We will have Sabbath services in Anderson, Citrus Heights and Reno this Sabbath, and webcast services this week from Citrus Heights at 2:30 pm.