Pastors’ Update 10-30-2020

Hi Everyone and Happy Sabbath!


As we all know, Hurricane Zeta hit the Louisiana coast earlier this week. The pastor of the area, Phil Sandilands, sent the following update.


Hurricane Zeta came ashore as a strong Category 2 storm just east of New Orleans late afternoon Wednesday. It was the fifth storm and the third hurricane to hit Louisiana this year. Due to strong winds, Zeta knocked power out to over 400,000 people in southeast Louisiana alone, before heading into Mississippi and Alabama and causing havoc there. I have been in contact with all of our affected members today, and all are safe. Many of them are still without power and some may not have it restored for days, if not weeks. Several sustained some structural damage, even into Alabama over 200 miles away from landfall. Thankfully, this was a fast-moving storm and cleared out quickly. Most of the damage was due to trees falling on houses, vehicles and fences. Communication is spotty since several cell towers have been knocked out. There was widespread flooding along the coast caused by a high storm surge. This has affected some businesses, but I am not aware of any flooding of members’ homes.


We appreciate everyone’s prayers for a weary gulf coast. We are anxiously awaiting the end of this storm season!


This week, there are a couple of other important announcements concerning the Winter Family Weekend and the COGWA Winter Camp below. You may also watch the In Accord this week to learn about the update on these two winter activities.


We will continue to have Sabbath services in Redding and Reno each Sabbath. And, we plan to webcast services from Redding and Reno every week. The status of Shasta County has been changed back to Red. So, we will HAVE REGULAR SABBATH SERVICES IN ANDERSON THIS SABBATH!  


I am also pleased to tell you we are planning to resume regular Sabbath services for our Sacramento congregation in the Citrus Heights Community Center beginning November 7th! Sabbath services will be held at 2:30 pm, because a number of you we anticipate coming will be driving longer distances than usual. It will be wonderful to be back together again next Sabbath!


Several of you in the Lodi congregation told me you would be willing to travel to Citrus Heights to attend and fellowship in-person until our regular meeting hall opens again in Lodi. We are closely monitoring the pandemic and restrictions situation in Lodi and the Central Valley. As soon as we can resume services at the HSS, we will do so. At this point they are uncertain when they will re-open. It may be in December, or January, depending on the spread of the pandemic, and local officials. 


If any of us are concerned about the restrictions, guidelines, or our personal/family health issues (including age and/or pre-existing conditions), we should not feel we have to physically attend. That is a personal choice. We will continue to make a webcast of Sabbath services available for anyone wishing to observe the Sabbath at home.


If you decide to attend, we ask that you wear a mask/face covering, maintain social distancing, and wash your hands regularly (basic CDC guidelines). Please bring your own water bottle or beverage container since we will not be serving beverages or snacks.