Pastors’ Update 05-06-2022

Hi Everyone and Happy Sabbath!


As Christians, I hope we will all focus on the good news (the “Gospel”) of the coming of the Kingdom of God. There is so much bad news in the world today, we can get overwhelmed if we are not centered on the promises of God. They can give us such hope for the future. Most in the world today do not have that hope.


We have now passed the milestone of one million Covid deaths in the US, the war and horrible human suffering rages on in the Ukraine, supply chain issues created by Covid continues to cause shortages driving up prices, inflation in the US now exceeds 8.5%, and Americans are now more hopelessly divided than ever over the abortion issue. It is certainly a time to focus our prayers for “Thy kingdom come” (Matt. 6:10). For we know that is the only real solution to these seemingly “unsolvable” problems! (Matt. 24:22)

We are looking forward to meeting with the members of the COG, The Fathers Call, next Sabbath, May 14th. Following Sabbath services at the Grace Presbyterian Church Social Hall, we are planning a pot luck meal on the lawn area outside of the hall. Please plan to bring covered dishes, salads and desserts for the meal, as we host this special combined service, fellowship and meal.  


Face coverings are not required at Sabbath services or during our socials. However, you may continue to wear a face covering if you choose. Please continue to follow CDC guidelines and take whatever precautions you feel are needed to protect yourself and others. The virus is not gone. People are still catching the virus and some are being hospitalized, and a few continue to die from the virus. As medical officials have mentioned, the Covid virus is still spreading, and will likely become an endemic that may be part of our lives for the foreseeable future.  


As announced before, in our Sabbath services and social gatherings, we will continue to follow the CDC and local government guidelines for the safety of all of our members, and because it is the right thing to do considering the deadly risks of this pandemic and our Biblical responsibilities. 


I encourage all of us to leave personal medical choices and political discussions outside of our Sabbath services and fellowship before and after services. We should all come to services expecting and enjoying an atmosphere of peace and rest from this world’s debate and confusion; not confrontation, disputing and division among ourselves. (I Cor. 14:33)


This coming Sabbath we will have Sabbath services in Redding and Lodi at 2:30 pm. Reno services are cancelled this week. This week’s webcast will originate from Lodi.


We have lost our meeting hall in Reno and continue to search for another suitable place to meet. We are currently meeting in members’ homes each week. A special thanks to the Fikes and Kovanis’ for opening their homes for us to temporarily meet together. Please continue to pray that God will provide a place for us to meet each week.