Pastors’ Update 11-2-2018

Hi Everyone and Happy Sabbath!

Linda and I trust you are enjoying our “Indian summer” weather. When we lived in the midwest we always hoped for this type of weather in November. But, it rarely happened. The weather here is one of the reasons we really enjoy and appreciate living in Northern California!

Mr. Franks, Mr. Horchak, and Mr. Kilough are in the Philippines this week conducting seminars for their leadership development program. Please pray for a successful trip and their safe travels.

This is the first Sabbath of the month. We will be having Sabbath services at 10:30 am in Lodi, and 2:30 pm in Citrus Heights and Anderson. Linda and I plan to be in Lodi and Citrus Heights tomorrow and we look forward to seeing you there and beginning our Growing Kids God’s Way Class in Lodi! We will be meeting in the Holtz Room this Sabbath in Lodi. You may want to park in the South parking lot to avoid the crowds for an event in the rest of the HSS.

Please remember that we set our clocks back an hour on Sunday, November 4th.