Pastors’ Update 11-06-2020

Hi Everyone and Happy Sabbath!


As I write this Weekly Update, the outcome of the US Presidential and a couple of Senatorial races are still undecided. As I have mentioned many times in this runup to our election, we should pray for God’s will and His direction for our country.  


In case you missed it last week, there are a couple of important announcements concerning the Winter Family Weekend and the COGWA Winter Camp below.


We will NOT HAVE Sabbath services in Redding this week. The status of Shasta County has been changed back to PURPLE because of a spike in reported COVID-19 cases over the past week. So, we will NOT HAVE REGULAR SABBATH SERVICES IN ANDERSON THIS SABBATH! We plan to webcast services from Reno this week.


We are planning to resume regular Sabbath services for our Sacramento and Lodi congregations in the Citrus Heights Community Center THIS SABBATH! Sabbath services will be held at 2:30 pm. It will be wonderful to be back together again this Sabbath!


Several of you in the Lodi congregation told me you would be willing to travel to Citrus Heights to attend and fellowship in-person until our regular meeting hall opens again in Lodi. We are closely monitoring the pandemic and restrictions situation in Lodi and the Central Valley. As soon as we can resume services at the HSS, we will do so. At this point they are uncertain when they will re-open. It may be in December, or January, depending on the spread of the pandemic, and local officials. 


If any of us are concerned about the restrictions, guidelines, or our personal/family health issues (including age and/or pre-existing conditions), we should not feel we have to physically attend. That is a personal choice. We will continue to make a webcast of Sabbath services available for anyone wishing to observe the Sabbath at home.


If you decide to attend, we ask that you wear a mask/face covering, maintain social distancing, and wash your hands regularly (basic CDC guidelines). Please bring your own water bottle or beverage container since we will not be serving beverages or snacks.