Pastors’ Update 03-20-2020

Hi Everyone and Happy Sabbath!


Linda and I hope and pray you are all doing well!


As we all know, all Californians have been ordered by our Governor to “Stay at Home”, except for essential errands, like going to the grocery, pharmacy, gas station, hardware store, and take-out food restaurants; and workers for essential jobs and industry. That has become the “new normal” for many of us who have been under county orders for the past week. These are historical times we will look back on ask one another, “Do you remember when we all had to stay at home and we could not go to the Passover, Holy Days, and Sabbath services for two months?!?”


While we all understand this principle of quarantine, which was given to the Ancient Israelites (Lev. 13:46) thousands of years ago to help stop the spread of disease, government and health officials also know this is one of the best ways to stop the spread of this COVID-19 Virus.  In spite of this understanding, it is still difficult and challenging to stay home, work from home (some with our children constantly around), avoiding contact with our friends, neighbors, church brethren, family and loved ones.


Linda and I are staying in contact with our family with frequent phone calls, texts, emails, and Zoom calls (so we can literally see one another). We also are answering many of your calls, emails, and texts. This is important during this crisis! Stay in touch with one another! Please do not hesitate to call us, email us, or communicate regularly with us.


I will continue to send out this Weekly Update each Friday, and I will forward announcements from Headquarters as I receive them.