Pastors’ Update 03-24-2023

Hi Everyone and Happy Sabbath!


Last week I flew over the Sierras, because of the snow and the threat of another storm I decided not to drive, to meet with our Reno congregation. It was great to see everyone there again!


I also must admit I was impressed with the snow pack in the Sierras! The mountains are especially beautiful from 30,000 feet! It has snowed this much before. But, it has been decades since we have had this much snow.


As I have mentioned before, California is now officially out of drought! For that we are thankful to God for blessing us with moisture to replenish our reservoirs and ground water.


The Passover, NTBMO and Days of Unleavened Bread are just a little over a week away! Like all of you, we have been occupied with getting the leaven out of our homes, vehicles, and work spaces. But, most of all, we are looking forward to these upcoming special evenings and days that have great meaning for New Testament Christians and God’s wonderful plan!


Sign-up lists for the Night To Be Much Observed (Wednesday, April 5th) are on the Announcement Table(s). Please sign up early to reserve your spot(s). We have two locations for the Stockton congregation: The Chez Shari Restaurant in Manteca, and the Rossmoor Stanley Dollar Mansion in Walnut Creek. For those in Redding, we will be meeting at Cattleman’s Steak House in Redding. Please sign up on the list on the announcement table. If you have any questions, check with Tom Provine. The Reno congregation has reserved space in The Atlantis Hotel for this special occasion and meal. Please see Mark Fike for additional information.


Tomorrow, we will have Sabbath services for Redding, Reno and Lodi congregations at 2:30 pm. For those who cannot meet in person, the webcast will originate from Lodi this week. Linda and I plan to be in Lodi.