Feast of Tabernacles 2018

Feast of Tabernacles Registration

ANNOUNCE: We ask that ALL COGWA households please complete the online Festival registration—whether attending in the U.S. or internationally. If adult members in one household are attending different sites, they will need to register individually. We also ask that those NOT attending please register as well—this gives us more accurate figures for planning.  

Members can begin accessing the http://feast.cogwa.org web page for Feast registration. The email address of the registrant will be used to identify that person’s or family’s registration account. After accessing the COGWA Feast web page, simply click on the “REGISTRATION” tab and begin the process. All registrants will receive an email verification immediately after completing the first step of registration. To complete the process, simply access that email, click on the link provided and finish your Festival registration.

« Members without Internet access should be assisted by their local Festival adviser – John Cornelison (Redding), Carl Van Zuyen (Sacramento), and Bob Besore (Stockton).

Registration for satellite sites: As we have already mentioned, COGWA will be sponsoring two satellite Festival sites in southern Minnesota and southern Florida this year. These are restricted attendance sites designed for those members in that region who find it difficult to travel to their regular assigned Feast site (Branson, Missouri, and Orange Beach, Alabama). The members in those areas will receive further information about attendance requirements for those two sites; however, we want the rest of the membership to be aware that these two Festival sites are for those affected in that region, along with any family members who choose to join them.